How to choose the perfect video intercom system for a single family home or small office:

Video Intercom System & Home Surveillance System - SVT Innovations a) The first step to choosing the perfect video intercom system is to determine what type of wire you will be using for the installation:

SVT-2: Compatible with speaker wire (14 gauge 2 conductor – stranded, non-shielded), or CAT5 cable.
SVT-4: Compatible with CAT5 cable.
SVT-IP: Ethernet RJ45 connection / Wi-Fi enable
SVT-SMART: CAT5 cable, Video Cable and Ethernet RJ45 cable

b) The second step is to determine how many indoor monitors and outdoor stations you will be installing:

SVT-2: Expands to a maximum of 4 outdoor stations, 16 indoor monitors and 4 surveillance cameras. The system also offers a Call Forwarding Function that diverts the calls from the outdoor station to a programmed phone number.
SVT-4: Expands to a maximum of 2 outdoor stations and 4 indoor monitors (each indoor monitor requires its own power supply). Add a CLOUD SERVER to forward calls from the outdoor station to a smart phone.
SVT-IP: Unlimited outdoor stations and each unit supports a maximum of four users using either a smart phone or tablet.
SVT-SMART: Expands to a maximum of 2 outdoor stations, 6 CCTV cameras and 1 indoor monitor. You can manage the system from just a compatible smartphone/table or PC.

c) The third and final step is to determine whether or not additional features are needed:
Call Forwarding to phone/mobile phone: SVT-2 system
Call/Video Forwarding to smart phone/tablet: SVT-4 system, SVT-IP system
Additional surveillance cameras: SVT-2 system, SVT-SMART system

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